Monday, 18 August 2014

July's Garment - Summer Maxi Dress

Although slightly on the late side - July's garment was started and finished one Saturday in July.  My sewing machine and I trekked down to London for a sewing class with Chinello from the second series of the Great British Sewing Bee.

The class was a lesson in free hand cutting to make a Maxi Dress (I booked through Kazoova - there may be more classes in the future).  Chinello was a fab teacher and after making lots notes and taking various measurements we could start folding and cutting.  It was a new experience not to have a paper pattern and to seemingly just cut into the fabric - but it all worked and by the end of the workshop I did have a lovely maxi dress to take home.  Perfect for the hot sunny weather.

Whilst in Birmingham last week I picked up some fabric to make a second dress - so fingers crossed I can decipher all my notes and diagrams!


  1. Oh, I was in awe of Chinello's skills on the show, when it came to self-drafting things. I wouldn't know where to start. Your dress looks great!

    1. Me too - It was such a liberating (if not a bit scary) to fold and cut, although I think I would be tempted to self draft a pattern for future use, as the hem goes up a bit at the sides! Chinello was a lovely teacher and really knew how to explain every little step :)